Do you know the truth of the health?

1. Eat an apple a day, doctors away from me

goldendeliciousAppleThis statement is true?

Apple is really a very healthy fruit. It contains an antioxidant called flavonoids, it can reduce some cancers and other chronic disease incidence.

In addition, the apple is the best fruit sources of fiber, which can lower cholesterol, help you lose weight, and allows you to have in the case of a low intake of calories satiety.

Fruit is indeed very good, but an Apple is not enough to keep you away from the doctor.

Everyday keep five to nine different color different kinds of fruit and vegetable intake can let you get different antioxidant.

2. close watching television affects vision

Many people say close watch TV will make vision loss, which in fact is a wrong understanding.childtv

Sitting in front of the television may affect other family to watch (say is you! ) , but will not hurt your eyes.

After the age of 40,the lens of the eye is less resilient, weaken the ability of focusing on close objects, so almost all over the world in the elderly need reading glasses.

At the same time, also need not worry too in the dark reading can damage eyes, it will not affect your eyesight, but long time watching things may cause headaches.

Watch TV never the best position, so sit where you like!


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